Beryllium Copper Parts

Beryllium Copper Parts
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Beryllium Copper Parts

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Beryllium Copper Parts

Cube2–C17200 (CDA 172) Beryllium Copper is the most commonly utilized Copper Beryllium alloy and is notable for its highest strength and hardness compared to commercial copper alloys. C17200 alloy contains appr. 2% of beryllium and achieves its ultimate tensile strength can exceed 200 ksi, while the hardness approaches Rockwell C45. Meanwhile, the electrical conductivity is a minimum of 22% IACS in the fully aged condition.C17200 also exhibits exceptional resistance to stress relaxation at elevated temperatures.

Typical Application for C17200 Beryllium Copper Alloys:-

  • Electrical Industry: Electrical Switch and Relay Blades, Fuse Clips, Switch Parts, Relay parts, Connectors, Spring Connectors, Contact Bridges, Belleville Washers, Navigational Instruments, Clips
  • Fasteners: Washers, Fasteners, Lock Washers, Retaining Rings, Roll Pins, Screws, Bolts
  • Industrial: Pumps, Springs, Electrochemical, Shafts, Non Sparking Safety Tools, Flexible Metal Hose, Housings for Instruments, Bearings, Bushings, Valve Seats, Valve Stems, Diaphragms, Springs, Welding Equipment, Rolling Mill Parts, Spline Shafts, Pump Parts, Valves, Bourdon Tubes, Wear Plates on Heavy Equipment, Bellows

Available Sizes:-

Custom Diameter & Sizes, Random Mill lengths

Available Products (forms):-

  • Round bars, Round strips, Round wires, Round tube,
  • Flat bars, Square bars, Rectangular bars, Hexagon bars, Plates, Sheets, Coils
  • Custom shapes are available upon request.

Chemical Composition:-

  • Be: 1.85-2.10%
  • Co+Ni: 0.20% Min.
  • Co+Ni+Fe: 0.60% Max.
  • Cu: Balance

Note: Copper plus additions equal 99.5% minimum.

Typical Physical Properties:-

  • Density (g/cm3): 8.36
  • Density before age hardening (g/cm3): 8.25
  • Elastic Modulus (kg/mm2 (103)): 13.40
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20 °C to 200 °C m/m/°C): 17 x 10-6
  • Thermal Conductivity (cal/(cm-s-°C)): 0.25
  • Melting Range (°C): 870-980
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