Copper Bronze Centrifugal Casting

Copper Bronze Centrifugal Casting
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Copper Bronze Centrifugal Casting

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Copper Bronze Centrifugal Casting

Brass Copper Casting Offers Their Clients A Wide Range Of Centrifugal Castings That Is Available In Various Specifications. The Centrifugal Castings Are Very Popular In The Market. Clients Can Avail The Product At Market Leading Prices From Us. The Centrifugal Castings We Bring Forth Are Made Of High Quality Components And Materials. They Are Extremely Efficient And Deliver Consistent Performance. Our Team Takes Great Effort To Ensure That The Centrifugal Castings Have Accurate Dimensions And Designs.

Centrifugal Castings Are Frequently Referred To As “Liquid Forgings” Because In The Centrifugal Process, Molten Metal Is Literally Forged By The High Compressive Pressure Exerted By The Centrifugal Force.

  • Physical Properties Such As Tensile & Fatigue Strength Are Increased Up To 30% Over Static & Investment Casting Methods.
  • Centrifugal Cast Metal Purity Withstands Greater Overload And Strain Without Fracture.
  • Thousands Of Dies Are Available To Eliminate The Expense Of Buying, Storing, Maintaining, And Insuring Patterns.
  • Blowholes, Porosity, And Inclusions Are Eliminated Before Finish Machining.
  • Expensive Machining Time Is Not Wasted On Defective Parts And Material Waste Is Significantly Reduced.

The Centrifugal Casting Process Provides Economical Production Of A Diversified Range Of Sizes, Shapes, And Quantities.

Production Capabilities:-

Anchor Bronze Centrifugal Castings Are Available In Most Copper Alloys. Outer Diameters Are Available Up To 124 Inches (3,150mm). Our Centrifugal Cast Bronze Tube Products Are Proof Machined With The Recommended Finishing Allowance Remaining.

Material Specification:-

  • Grey Cast Iron
  • Chilled Cast Iron
  • Ni-Hard
  • Spheroidal Cast Iron


  • Pressure Rolls Of Corrugated Paper Board
  • Ni-Hard Castings
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