Copper Cold Formed Parts

Copper Cold Formed Parts
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Copper Cold Formed Parts

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Copper cold formed parts 

Cold Form Cold forming, or cold heading, uses forces greater than a metal’s elastic limit to form shapes without causing scrap material. Since raw material can be the most expensive aspect of a part, cold forming is often a lower cost alternative to screw machining and other manufacturing methods.

In addition, assemblies of two or more pieces can be assembled into one part, eliminating assembly or welding operations and minimizing part handling.

Benefits of Cold Forming:-

  •    Quality
  •    Improved strength and reliability through work hardening and an uninterrupted grain flow
  •    Improved surface finish over screw machined components
  •    Design Flexibility
  •    Unique and diverse shapes,
  •    Including parts with multiple diameters, extrusions, blind holes and through holes
  •    Large head to shank ratios without secondary machining
  •    Eccentric or asymmetrical bodies possible
  •    Reduced Costs
  •    Reduced scrap rates
  •    High production rates
  •   Ability to form parts to a net or near-net shape,
  •   Which requires fewer secondary operations to achieve finished form
  •   Allows multi-piece assemblies to be manufactured as a single component
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