Copper Insulated Busbars

Copper Insulated Busbars
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Copper Insulated Busbars

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CopperInsulated busbars – Insulated Copper busbars

Advantages of  Insulated Copper busbars :-

  • Costs Saving:- The Copper insulated busbars Insulated reduce installations costs, comparing the sum of cables costs + Cables Connector or Rigid Copper Bars + Supporting and Insulating components.
  • Increased Electric Power Carriage for a given Cross-Section:- due to “Skin Effect” of laminas and avoiding Contact Resistances between Cables and Lugs, the Copper insulated busbars consent a Increased Electric Power Carriage compared to Cables or Rigid Copper Bus Bars, without any Cross-Section increasing
  • Weight and Volume Saving inside Electrical Panels:- thanks to flexibility of Flexible Copper Bars and their insulation, Minimum Curving Radius doesn’t Exist for Copper insulated busbars and the use of Bus Bar Supports and Electrical Insulators is no needed.
  • Easy and quick Banding:- you can Bend and Shape Copper insulated busbars on field by hands, even without difficulties or special tools

Specification of Copper Insulated Busbars:-

  • Standards Length: 2 meters
  • Laminate Thickness: 0,5 ÷ 1 mm.
  • Number of Laminates: from 2 to 12
  • Copper insulated busbars ON REQUEST:
  • Tin Coated Copper or Aluminium Laminates
  • “Halogen Free” Insulation
  • Special Insulation for up to 125 °C Temperature
  • 3 meters length or other

Copper insulated busbars Bended and Shaped on Customer’s Drawings.

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