Copper Rivets

Copper Rivets
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Copper Rivets

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Copper rivets have a formed shape when the solid end of the shank is headed over or hammered. These rivets have a small diameter and are manufactured from pure copper. Copper Rivets possess good electrical properties and are corrosion resistant. These rivets have been used in many large-scale applications including shipbuilding, boilers, pressure vessels, bridges and buildings

The rivets are of following types:-      

  •    Round Head Rivets
  •    Snap Head Rivets
  •    Flat Head Rivets
  •    Countersunk Head Rivets
  •    Step Rivets
  •    Semi tubular (Semi hollow) Rivets
Our range

 Copper Big Rivets:-

Copper big rivets are generally used in engineering industries and in other industries where heavy products are manufactured like – automobile industry

Copper Hollow Rivets:-

The copper hollow rivets manufactured by us are used in various types of industries as fasteners. The copper rivets are stronger than the aluminum rivets.

Copper Screw:-

The copper screws are permanent fasteners and used in wide ranging industries. The screws are not hammered but passed through holes to fasten various types of products.

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