Copper Shims washers

Copper Shims washers
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Copper Shims washers

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Copper Shims washers – Round Flat Washers:- 

Copper Shims washers allow for easy adjustment of support, tension, and clearance, with added material advantages, which include optimal heat and electrical conductivity.  Copper shims are also especially useful in various plumbing and heating applications.
We manufacture Copper Shims washers under strict manufacturing criteria, ensuring uniformity and quality in every shim we offer.  You can purchase them directly through our catalog, along with many other washers and shims in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

In industrial usage, copper made into shims will often not undergo these changes, and the copper used is often mixed with other metals in order to improve its properties depending on its specific usage. In its industrial form, copper is often used in electrical wiring, roofing, plumbing and machinery applications, and usually as a pure metal. When more hardness is required, it is used to cut alloys such as brass and bronze.

These days, copper is a very valuable metal and has been highly sought after due to its rising value. Often, copper cabling is hijacked or stolen by criminals in order to melt it down and sell it on. Its usage, though, is increasingly common in broadband and telephony cabling because of its superior electrical conductivity over most other metals, making it ideal for high-speed communications lines and other telephony applications.

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